19 Weird Baby Rules That Meghan Markle Must Follow

We all know royal protocol can be strict, but check out these weird baby rules that Meghan Markle must follow with baby Archie.
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4. No Early Gender Reveal

Strange baby rules meghan markle must follow
Photo: Shuttestock

Prince Harry and Meghan followed royal tradition and waited to find out whether they were having a baby boy or girl until the birth. That meant that royal watchers (and the rest of the world) had to wait, too. Meghan didn’t mind this, as she did not want to find out the baby’s gender in advance anyway. Prince Harry, on the other hand, did admit that he was hoping for a daughter. During an event at the Invictus Games in Sydney in October, a woman in the crowd yelled, “I hope it’s a girl!” Prince Harry replied, “So do I!”