19 Weird Baby Rules That Meghan Markle Must Follow

We all know royal protocol can be strict, but check out these weird baby rules that Meghan Markle must follow with baby Archie.
Photo: YouTube

16. Names Aren’t Announced Immediately

There is usually a delay of perhaps several days before the public is made aware of the name chosen for the new baby. One reason for this is the fact that the name has to be chosen extremely carefully, making sure the right one is selected before announcing it to the public. A great deal goes into the process of choosing the first and middle names. The name Meghan and Harry chose for their son, Archie Harrison, is quite a bit more modern than the norm for the royals, but it’s still distinctly British. Archie is an extremely popular name in the U.K. and it is linked to the old aristocratic name of Archibald. Harrison is believed to have been chosen as a simple yet beautiful way to signify who the baby is: the son of Harry.