19 Weird Baby Rules That Meghan Markle Must Follow

We all know royal protocol can be strict, but check out these weird baby rules that Meghan Markle must follow with baby Archie.
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13. Royal Babies Get Traditional Names

Baby Rules That Meghan Markle Must Follow

George Alexander Louis’s name is a tribute to the Queen’s father and grandfather, for instance. The name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is in tribute to Prince Charles, Kate’s great-grandmother Elizabeth, and Prince William’s mother, Diana. Will and Kate’s third child, Louis Arthur Charles is named after William’s grandfather, Prince Charles, and Will’s mentor Louis Mountbatten.

Prince Harry’s full name is Henry Charles Albert David. Diana chose his first name, while Prince Charles chose the rest. Harry is named for his father and the names Albert and David are traditional in the royal family.

Befitting a more unconventional royal couple, Meghan and Harry chose a slightly less traditional name for their son. Archie is still a highly traditional and popular name in the UK, however. You’ll never find a member of the royal family with an extremely unique, modern name.