12 Royal Baby Traditions Meghan Markle Has Broken

Meghan Markle is not your traditional royal mum, so we're spotlighting a fan-favorite topic: How Meghan Markle breaking baby tradition..
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Meghan Markle is not your traditional royal mother. This could be due to her family history or just the fact that she’s an American living in a British world. Whatever the case, readers seem to love the way she breaks with royal tradition, so we thought we’d spotlight a biggie: How Meghan Markle breaking baby tradition.

1. Baby Shower Rebellion

Meghan Markle breaking baby tradition
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How could having a baby shower be considered rebellious? Well, it’s an American tradition, not a British one, and it’s certainly unconventional for the Royals to accept gifts. But having a baby shower was important to the American Meghan and her devoted friends.

She held the shower in New York City. But, it’s important to note, she and Harry requested that fans who wanted to give baby shower gifts should donate to charity instead. This was the same request the royal couple had for their wedding gifts.

2. No More Lindo Wing

Meghan Markle breaking baby tradition
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Royal births have taken place at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital for decades. But Meghan and Harry wanted the birth to take place much closer to home. In fact, Meghan wanted to give birth at home. The royal family insisted on a hospital, though, so she and Harry decided on Portland Hospital, a maternity hospital close to Windsor.

3. A Mother’s Support

Meghan Markle breaking baby tradition
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This might seem like a strange note for Meghan Markle breaking baby tradition, but it is. Meghan had her mother at her side during the birth. Doria Ragland was there to support her daughter through everything, and evidently that’s not the norm. It’s clear that she is a wonderful mother and that Meghan will follow in her footsteps.

4. Making Us Wait for a Baby Pic

Strange baby rules Meghan Markle has to follow
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We’ve all seen them, those pictures of Princess Diana and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton outside the Lindo Wing, holding their babies just hours after giving birth. Meghan wasn’t having any of this! Giving birth is hard work, and she knew she’d need some rest. So she and Harry allowed the first picture of Harry to be taken only two days later, at Windsor Castle.

5. Archie Will Just Be Archie

Meghan Markle breaking baby tradition
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Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, that is! He won’t have a title, at least not now. He’ll be formally referred to as Master Archie.

Meghan and Harry have obviously decided not to give him a courtesy title, such as Lord Archie. The public belief is they feel that it would hold him back from having as normal a life as possible. When Prince Charles eventually becomes king, though, he might possibly take the title of prince or HRH.

6. A Peaceful Life in a Cottage (Albeit a Very Large One)

Meghan Markle breaking baby tradition
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Meghan and Harry are going to raise Archie at Frogmore Cottage, their home on the grounds of the Windsor Castle estate. This way, there will be fewer public engagements and events for them to deal with and Archie will have more time to just be a kid.