12 Best Meghan Markle Hair Tutorials

You love her look, and now you can get it for yourself. We scoured the internet for the best Meghan Markle hair tutorials. Check them out!
Photo: YouTube

Anisha Patel

There you have it –- the complete beginner’s guide to creating the famous Meghan Markle messy bun, and really quickly. Anisha shows us that the messy-yet-classy look is achievable, very easily.

Refinery 29

Best Meghan Markle Hair Tutorials
Photo: YouTube

Don’t hate on the bad featured image Refinery 29 chose for their YouTube video. This girl looks great, which is why we posted the above photo so you’re not scared off by what’s about to happen.

Refinery 29 used their own model to recreate an icon and in this video — and their over 2 million subscribers believe they do it well. By doing a makeup and hair “beauty evolution,” we get to see Meghan Markle come to life before our own very eyes. From her Suits days’ long layered hair to her engagement’s silk press to classy her messy buns, Meghan and Maya (the model) have such an uncanny resemblance.