12 Best Meghan Markle Hair Tutorials

You love her look, and now you can get it for yourself. We scoured the internet for the best Meghan Markle hair tutorials. Check them out!
Photo: YouTube

You love Meghan Markle’s look — and our story about makeup tutorials exploded on the internet. So so we’re bringing you the next step: the best Meghan Markle hair tutorials.

Whether you want the look for a special occasion, a hangout, or maybe just an everyday look, we have you covered. Best of all, it does not really have to cost too much to look like the gorgeous and beautiful person you are.

READER TIP: We’ve pasted the videos below, but links to the YouTuber’s page are on the last page of this article.

Monica Gingold

Monica Gingold gives us an amazing tutorial on how to sparkle — Meghan Markle style! — without necessarily having a duchess’ budget. It also shows how to attain that natural blend we know Meghan for.


In this tutorial, with InStyle partners with celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert, David Lopez. As they note on the YouTube page, “There’s a fine line between “effortless” and “bedhead,” so we turned to celebrity hairstylist David Lopez for his tips on how to recreate the style so that it looks intentionally unpolished and not like the knot you twist your hair into before you do the dishes.”

So true. This video is great because we learn how to make a royal messy bun. It is shown in such a simple and effortless way that anyone can do it.