10 Ways Meghan Markle Lives Up to Princess Diana’s Legacy

Princess Diana has some pretty big heels to fill, but Meghan Markle is no slouch. Here are 10 ways the Duchess is living up to Diana's legacy.
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3. Meghan is following Diana in becoming a fashion icon

The Meghan Markle / Princess Diana connection was instantly in focus when the media started paying attentiuon to what Meghan wears. Many articles have been written about how some of Meghan’s fashion choices have mimicked and paid homage to style icon Diana.

4. Motherhood

Meghan Markle Princess Diana legacy
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Breaking with British royal family tradition, Diana was a very hands-on mother to William and Harry, spending as much time with them as she could and openly showing them affection in public. Meghan is new to motherhood, and she shows every indication of being the kind of loving, attentive parent Diana was.